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Cryogenic Coaxial RF Cable

Low Temperature Bulk RF cable and assemblies


T-Axel's designs and produces SiO2 RF Cables for cryogenic applications to -273°C including quantum computing cabling, physics research, superconducting cabling, medical technology, and more cabling applications. 

Benefits of T-Axel Cryogenic SiO2 Cables

SiO2 coaxial cables exhibit excellent thermal stability, which makes it suitable for large temperature fluctuations. These cables maintain its structural integrity and performance even when subjected to rapid and severe changes in temperature. The cable can be non-magnetic.

Cryogenic Connector.jpg

The robustness of SiO2 coaxial cables in extreme temperatures also contributes to their longevity in a wide range of environments including vacuum and radioactive applications. Compared to other types of cables such as those made from PTFE, SiO2 coaxial cables demonstrate a significantly longer operating lifetime under cryogenic conditions. This increased durability results in fewer cable replacements over time, reducing both costs and downtime. 


Finally, effects of outgassing are significantly reduced in SiO2 coaxial cables, which could otherwise result in contamination of the clean environment, degradation of vacuum quality, and even physical damage or operational failure of nearby components or systems.

Cable Construction:

Inner Conductor: Copper-Clad Steel

Dielectric: High-Purity Silicon Dioxide Dielectric

Outer Jacket/ Shield: 

  Pure Copper
  Stainless Steel

Lifetime: 10-60 Years

Bending Radius: 3X Cable Diameter (Copper Outer Shield), 6X Cable Diameter (Stainless Steel Outer Shield)

Performance Specs

Environmental Specs

Other conductor options and smaller sizes can be offered and is under development

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