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Ceramic-Coated High Temp. Magnet Wire


High - Temperature

Small Diameters

Lead - Free

Multiple Conductors

Custom Coils

Tailored Performance

Winding ceramic-coated magnet wire on a coil assembly involves

1) coating a layer of ceramic insulation on metal surfaces 2) winding pre-cured (soft) ceramic-coated wire onto the bobbin 3) curing at high temperatures to harden the ceramic

4) applying high-temperature varnishing

5) balancing the expansion coefficients.


Due to the difficulties in these processes, T-Axel provides a full suite of services that include manufacturing your coil assemblies to winding, ensuring you get the most out of our products.

Advanced Materials

Our proprietary ceramic insulator allows for a maximum operating temperature of 300-1000° C. The lead-free formula means negates chances of lead oxide poisoning, an industry unique feature.

Our multitude of conductors, round and flat, including nickel plated copper wire, pure nickel, copper, silver, and other alloys, allows for a wider range of applications.  If you have a custom conductor, we can also accommodate that.


Broad Applications

The high temperatures performance make for the perfect solution for extreme conditions in fields like aerospace, nuclear, sensors, and more without failure (short-circuit, mechanical heating ect). Our lead-free formula negates any chances of lead oxide, allowing for wider commercial applications.

The wide range of conductors we offer guarantees that our magnet wires will be a perfect fit for your project. 

More About T-Axel's Ceramic-Coated Magnet Wire

Because of the difference formulations, performance is also dramatically different.

  • After heat-curing the ceramic, the minimum bending radius of the wire will be dramatically increase to >30 X wire diameter. For this reason, any applications involving tight winding must be done in T-Axel’s factory.

  • The ceramic layer can be made thicker than other manufactures (~0.03mm) in the industry, improving insulation performance.

  • Our ceramic formulation allows us to use an extremely wide variety of conductors such as pure copper, silver, and other alloys whereas other manufactures in the industry are limited to only pure nickel and nickel-plated copper.

Other manufactures only provide the ceramic-coated magnet wires, which is difficult for clients to properly utilize. T-Axel’s full suite of services from coil assembly part manufacturing to final delivery of a completed coil assembly ensures the best performance out of the coils.

Ceramic-Coated Wire Applications As Lead Wire

If you are interested to use our magnet wires as lead wire, the process is more straightforward than if our wires are coiled on a bobbin. We will discuss similar requirements such as operating temperature, voltage, lifetime, ect. as well as the conductor that is ideal for your application to ensure the best solution to your needs. 


Since we are just manufacturing the ceramic-coated wire and not winding them, this process is more straightforward. Once the wires are delivered to the client, the clients determine if we are a good fit to work well together in the future. Please note, T-Axel offers a hook up and lead wire better suited for this application.

Note - In any application in which we do not wind the wires in factory, the bending radius for the ceramic coated wire will be 30 X Diameter of wire

If clients would like to coil wires in house

We have found clients have difficulties with both winding our wires and achieving the best result with them, which is why to achieve the best performance in coils, we offer services to wind the ceramic-coated magnet wire onto our client's bobbins. 


However, if have experience in winding ceramic-coated magnet wires or would prefer to wind yourself, it is a necessity to abide by the wire's 30 X Diameter of wire bending radius and prevent the wires from excessively moving or being exposed to moisture.

Wire Conductor Guide

Pure Silver 

Best Performance

500C Operating Temperature

Nickel-Plated Copper

Good performance

Can be used in windings if                  above 350C

Pure Nickel

Used in ultra-high temperatures

Limited applications

1000C Operating Temperature

*If operating temperature exceed Nickel's curie point temperature (~350 C), Nickel-plated copper can be considered

Conductor Diameter = 0.05mm - 1.024mm 

Insulator Thickness = 7 - 30 µm

No out-gassing in a vacuum environment

Lifetime - 

Nickel-plated: 2500 hours at +573° C

Pure Nickel has a longer life

Nickel Migration -

Due to the high temperature migration characteristics of nickel-plated copper, it is recommended to use pure nickel wire for small diameter wires at high temperatures for long operating periods

Insulating Material - 

Proprietary ceramic coating with different properties : bending radius, voltage withstand, operation lifetime.

General Specifications

Chemical Characteristics

Ordinary solvents, oils, and water will not damage the insulation layer


Molten NaOH will corrode the insulation layer.

Thermal Specifications

Operating Temperature -

Ni Plated Cu Wire = -271° to 600° C

Short term use up to 1000° C

Pure Nickel Wire = -271° to 1000° C

Temperature Shock -

No cracking from -271° C to ambient temperature and ambient temperature to maximum operating temperature

Flammability - 

Wire will not burn, at temperatures in excess of 1093° C, the insulation layer may start to melt but will not burn

Electrical Specifications

Voltage = 150-200V

Wire gauges can be customized to withstand higher voltages (1000-2000 V) 


Relative Conductivity

Pure Nickel Wire (Nickel 205): 18.2% IACS (Copper is 100.0% IACS) @ 20 ° C

27% nickel-plated copper wire: 70.0% IACS (copper is 100.0% IACS) @ 20 ° C

Radiation Resistance

Able to withstand prolonged exposure to neutrons and gamma rays without
affecting the properties of the insulating material. 

Note - Minimum Bend Radius listed is for when T-Axel winds the wires. If ceramic-coated wire is used as lead wire/ winded by client, bending radius is 30XWire Diameter


68° F (20.00 ° C)

100° F (37.78 ° C)

200° F (93.33 ° C)

300° F (148.89 ° C)

400° F (204.44 ° C)

500° F (260.00 ° C)

600° F (315.56 ° C)

700° F (371.11 ° C)

800° F (426.67 ° C)

900° F (482.22 ° C)

1000° F (537.78 ° C)

1100° F (593.33 ° C)

1200° F (648.89 ° C)

1300° F (704.44 ° C)

1400° F (760.00 ° C)

Temperature Resistance - 27% Nickel Plated Cu Wire

DC Resistivity Ω/m

2.3 X 10-8

2.46 X 10-8

2.99 X 10-8

3.45 X 10-8

3.91 X 10-8

4.42 X 10-8

4.89 X 10-8

5.34 X 10-8

5.89 X 10-8

6.41 X 10-8

6.95 X 10-8

7.52 X 10-8

8.10 X 10-8

8.71 X 10-8

9.45 X 10-8

DC Resistivity Ω/cir. mil ft

















68° F (20.00 ° C)

500° F (260.00 ° C)

1000° F (573.78 ° C)

Temperature Resistance - Pure Nickel

DC Resistivity Ω/cir. mil ft




DC Resistivity Ω/m

9.50 X 10-8

23.00 X 10-8

38.00 X 10-8

*Minimum Bend Radius is the smallest radius we can wound the wire without the ceramic cracking
*Resistances listed are nominal data in standard conditions
T-Axel Inc makes no warranties either express or implied as to the suitability of ceramic-coated high-temperature magnet wire for a particular application or use. Buyer and use must determine the suitability for his intended use and assume all risk and liability in connection therewith. Each application must be judged for suitability and performance by the user. By purchasing the High-Temperature Ceramic-Coated magnet wire, the client agrees to these terms and conditions.
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