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SiO2 Coaxial RF Cable

Reliability in Extreme Environments

Industry Leading Reliability

T-Axel's SiO2 cables represent a major breakthrough in the application of advanced materials and research resulted in a cable that is orders of magnitude less vulnerable to moisture. 


The smallest crack due to unbalanced expansion is enough for mission-compromising moisture ingression. In applications where extreme reliability is required, T-Axel's unique moisture resistance ensures your signal transmissions will stay intact. 

Our glass sealing joints and laser welded sealed structure ensures the best sealing of all cables.

Industry Unique Moisture Resistant Dielectric

  • The attenuation of SiO2 cables manufactured by other companies are exceptionally sensitive to moisture. Change in attenuation will increase signal transmission loss, potentially compromising a sensitive system. T-Axel's SiO2 cable is highly resistant to moisture and attenuation will experience very little change when exposed to moisture/open air.*

  • Because SiO2 cables manufactured by other companies are very susceptible to moisture ingression, it must be encapsulated within a completely hermetic cable assembly. Due to our unique resistance to moisture, our cable can accommodate non-hermetically sealed connectors or even no connector.

*Depending on different working frequencies, we recommend using hermetically sealed connectors above 3 GHz

Wide Applications

Whether it be in hypersonic missiles or satellites deep in space, T-Axel's cables are  suited to endure the most demanding environments. It can withstand RF transmission power 5-20 times that of PTFE cables of comparable size. From absolute zero to over 1000° C, this cable provides extremely stable performance and minimizes loss.

T-Axel's SiO2 cables can be hand-formed in the field or engineered in factory for "drop-in" installations. The tight bending radius of 3X (No stainless steel shield) to 6X (With stainless steel shield) of the diameter also enables easier routing and less packing size.

Mechanical Advantages

In addition to weighing significantly less than organic-cables, T-Axel's coaxial cables can last 40-60 years in harsh environments. It can withstand up to 20,000 PSI of pressure (depending on jacket material), a tensile force between 45 to 225 Kg, and accelerations of 45 g on the ground and 110 g in space. 


SiO2 vs. Fluoropolymer (PTFE) RF Cables - Page 1

Working Temperature

SiO2 RF Cables: -271° C to over 1000° C 

PTFE RF Cables: -60° C to 250° C

Power Handling

Due to SiO2's high operating temperature, for the same size wire, SiO2 RF Cables can handle 10 to 100X the power PTFE RF Cables can handle.

Radiation Resistance

PTFE performs poorly in radioactive environments and will degrade above 5 x 10 rads whereas SiO2 RF Coax Cables has the best radiation resistance among all RF Cables. SiO2 RF Cables can operate above 10    rads



Ultra-Lightweight SiO2 Cable

Low-Frequency Cost-Effective SiO2 Cable

Low-Noise SiO2 Cable

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