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 High Temperatures

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Please email any relevant files (bobbin specifications, special SiO2 Cable bending requirements, ect.) to

Ceramic-Coated Magnet Wire Helpful Information to Include

  • Operating Voltage

  • Operating Temperature

  • Bending Radius

  • Wire Gauge Requested

  • Conductor Request

  • Special operating conditions (If used in vacuum, moisture environment ect.)

  • Bobbin specifications/ dimensions

SiO2 RF Coaxial Cable Helpful Information to Include

  • Operating Frequency and Power

  • Operating Temperature

  • Cable Assembly Length Required

  • Target/Ideal Weight

  • Cable Diameter

  • Connector Requirements

  • Insertion Loss Requirements

  • Bending Requirements

  • If will be terminating into connectors in-house or will request T-Axel to terminate cables into connectors