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T-Axel specializes in the manufacturing and custom coiling of high-temperature ceramic coated wires, high-temperature lead wires, and SiO2 RF Coaxial Cables. Our team has over 20 years of technical experience on ultra-high temperature (300-1000° C) components.


We tailored our cable and wire solutions to focus around defense and aerospace as well as other high-demanding applications. Our line of ultra-high temperature products are ideal solutions in highly demanding applications requiring extreme reliability.

T-Axel's SiO2 cable achieves a level of reliability leaps and bounds above current cables by adding the second layer of protection of making the most moisture resistant SiO2 cable in the industry. Even if the hermetic seal fails, your signal will not. Furthermore, our ultra-lightweight SiO2 RF cable can be >50% lighter than our standard cables with the same performance.

Our ceramic-coated magnet wire is the only wire in the industry that offers conductors beyond nickel-plated copper and pure nickel. For applications requiring lower resistivity, T-Axel offers pure copper and pure silver. However, if you have a custom conductor, we are more than happy to work with that.

We recognize that some of our clients require high-temperature wires with minimal risk to their employees. We are proud to be the only manufacture of ceramic-coated magnet wires without lead in our formulation. Not only is a lead-free product safer for employees to use, but also saves money on the employer.

Due to our special manufacturing process, T-Axel does not stock wires and everything is made to-order. Contact us and we will help you find the best solution to your requirements.

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