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High Temperature M-PAHs Magnet Wire

250 to 450 °C*

Multiple Conductors

300-1000 VDC


The conductor is enameled in a high temperature/voltages M-PAHs (Modified Polyamideimides hydrocarbons) tape wrap laminate, allowing an operating temperature range between -200 to 450° C and voltage rating up to 300-1000 VDC depending on insulation thickness and operating conditions. Applications are similar to those used by polymer insulated wires such as motor windings, sensors, etc. Please contact T-Axel for information about your application.


Voltage Rating: 300-1000 VDC

Temperature Rating: -200 to 450°C*

Spark Voltage Test: 500-5000 VDC

Operating Lifetime: Up to 20,000 Hours*

Construction Details

Insulation: High-Temp M-PAHs Tape Wrap Thickness 0.015mm and up.
Conductor: Silver-Plated Copper (S), Pure Copper (C), or Nickel-Plated Copper (NPC), Pure Silver (PS), Or Other Conductor (OC). Note – X is the placeholder of conductor in P/N

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*Maximum Resistance refers to that of Pure Copper
* 250°C – 20,000-30,000 Hours. 300°C – 10,000-20,000 Hours. 350°C – 2000-5000 Hours. 450°C –5-10 Hours. Operating Lifetime varies tremendously based on operating temperatures, operating conditions ect. and specific operating lifetimes should be determined by the client final test. T-Axel Inc makes no guarantee on operating lifetime.


For applications higher than 450C, please contact T-Axel

Main Application should be in high temperature magnet wire but can also be used as lead wires in some circumstances. Please consult T-Axel to determine if your application is suitable.

T-Axel Inc makes no warranties either express or implied as to the suitability of our products for a particular application or use. Buyer and use must determine the suitability for his intended use and assume all risk and liability in connection therewith. Each application must be judged for suitability and performance by the user. By purchasing T-Axel's products, the client agrees to these terms and conditions.
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