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High Temperature - Our Profession

Our line of high temperature cable and wire products include-

Our products represent the industry benchmark for high performance. 

Contact us today to determine how T-Axel's custom manufactured products can be applied to your application today.


Ceramic-Coated Magnet Wire

Lead-Free · 300-1000°C · Custom Coils

Pure Copper • Nickel Plated Copper • Pure Nickel • Pure Silver • Custom Alloys

T-Axel coils the wires on our client's custom bobbins.


This perfect solution for extreme conditions in fields like aerospace, nuclear, sensors, and more without failure. 


Our lead-free formula negates any chances of lead poisoning, allowing for wider commercial applications.


T-Axel's Expertise in High Temperatures

  • Our team has over 20 years of technical experience on ultra-high temperature (300-1000° C) components.


  • T-Axel's high temperature ceramic-coated magnet wire (up to 1000°C), semi-rigid and rigid SiO2 RF cables (-271°C to over 1000°C), and lead wire (300°C - 1000°C) are ideal solutions in highly demanding applications requiring extreme reliability.

  • Our high-temperature SiO2 cable achieves a level of reliability leaps and bounds above current cables by adding the second layer of protection of making the most moisture resistant SiO2 cable in the industry. Even if the hermetic seal fails, your signal will not. 

  • The ultra-lightweight version of our high-temperature SiO2 RF cable can be >50% lighter than our standard cables with the same performance.

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Every client comes with us with different needs and applications. T-Axel does not just provide wires and cables, but expert advice on how to use our products. 

It is important to us that we understand your needs and expectations, which establishes the foundation for our partnership.

Getting to Know Each Other​

Understanding Requirements


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